Passion 4 People

 I am driven, engaged, enthusiastic, warm and directly set up. I have an eye for interaction between people and am able to improve the collaboration and team result within a group. 

I do this by using my intuition and the ability to comment and especially by putting a lot of time and energy into people. In this context, I strive to make people self-aware; let them look in the mirror and “direct” if the situation asks for it. I like to give people something, without sacrificing my sense of integrity. 

I like to put people in their strength and I get a lot of energy to work within a dynamic environment where a lot of jobs are at the shop in the field of human and process.  

I have tremendous life experience and have worked for over 25 years in the business world, of which the last 10 years as a change and coaching manager. If you want more of my background, please take a look at my  profile

Young or old, large or small; for me, a human remains the most beautiful “product” to work with. By completing a training course as a child coach @ Tea Adem, my backpack is completely filled with practical handles to apply directly. 

Would you like to hire me to a change, coaching and/or interim job, an individual interview or more benefit from a coaching session, please contact  me!