Passion 4 Food

 I have developed my interest in nutrition in my youth years. As a child I was standing next to my grandmother’s stew to admire her cooking skills. Later on, I started to see the quality of the food chosen, the way it was cut, the cooking time, the amount of herbs, the way in which a meal is presented on the table and the taste and smell. They are all essential factors.  

To prepare a tasty meal, all of these factors have to be in order. A good cook has to have all of this in order to be able to pamper his guests.  

I started to widen my passion for cooking by following a 1-year course to Natuurvoedingskok in autumn of 2014. Besides knowledge of the ingredients, I have also gained insight into the energetic effects of nutrition on the most common human conditions. 

I like to cook for everyone. From individuals to large groups and from a selected company to a dinner-for-two. I prepare regular dishes for my locals. These dishes can be picked up from my home, for a small fee. For the disabled, I will bring the meals to the kitchen table.  

You can order my dishes via this website:”thuis afgehaald“. I have successfully completed a course on  HYGIENE code HACCP  and apply this at all times. 

Some of my dishes are published on my  page . Please take a look and get inspired! 

Have you been tempted and would you like to hire me for an event or a custom meal, please  contact  me!