DJ JeanN

Ever since I was a little girl I had a passion for music. I gathered and gathered; first on cassette tapes and later digital. By the off chance in the 90s, due to a cancellation of a colleague DJ, I ended up behind the decks. From then onwards, my passion for music has only grown. 

Wherever I go, I always listen to the music tones. I listen to the sensation and atmosphere that the sounds bring. I get up with music in the mornings and go to bed with it at night. From 2011 onwards I have started to take my hobby more professionally, I bought my own DJ set and turning it into parties and parties.  

In 2014, I successfully completed a number of DJ courses at the  DJ School  in Amsterdam, since then my sense of music is even more evident.  

My knowledge about music and my skills for putting together different kinds of music genres has increased significantly. 

If you ask me what music get me moving; the answer is from “Abba to Zappa”. I love all kinds of music, play all kinds of music, aiming to get everyone – from young to old – moving! 

I am an all-round DJ and I deliver customization, tailored to your needs. I find it important to discuss the customers’ needs prior to the party night so I know what the client expects and what they can expect from me. I deliver my music to those discussions & expectations. I’m not only a DJ you can hire who mixes music, I’m also active as a DJ who makes mixtapes on demand. For example, I have mixed a tape with background music to play for a Michelin star restaurant.  

To give you an idea about my passion for music, I have posted some mix tapes on music sites; Soundcloud,  Mixcloud and  YouTube. Feel free to listen to them, they are free of charge! 

Would you like to hire me for a party, an event or you are interested in a custom-made mixtape, please  contact  me!